Float Wings Unicorns & Rainbows

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Size: 2 - 6Y

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Become the owner of a gorgeous fairytale Unicorn in our stunning lilac Unicorn and Rainbows design.

Float Wings from Splash About are a fun, safe way for your child to gain water confidence. Combining the idea of traditional arm bands and the chest support of a Float suit, the Float Wings will provide balance for your child in the water and help to keep them afloat.

The foam floats in the arms and across the chest are non-removable and unlike inflatable armbands, cannot be punctured. A Nylon Lycra vest top fits over the child’s head, offering sun protection to the tops of the shoulders and securing the Float Wings in place, preventing any riding up or chafing. This, along with our rear fastening 3-point locking buckle, ensures the child will not be able to remove the Float Wings themselves whilst in the water.

  • Easy to use, safe and comfortable. Nylon Lycra Vest helps to protect areas prone to sun exposure
  • Self-balancing - will keep children afloat in the water
  • Made from high quality materials that will last wear after wear
  • Double security system to prevent removal by child whilst in the water
  • Conforms to CE European Standard: EN 13138-1: 2014